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Obninskorgsintez Company is a deserved leader in the Russian market of antifreezes and one of the biggest manufacturers of coolants.

Antifreezes SINTEC are well-known and of high-demand in Russia, the SIC, in countries near and far broad.

High quality of production is the result of 15-year work of specialists of the company on formulas and technologies improvement.

Usage of the latest science achievements and innovations developments in production for getting high quality production is provided by ownership of independent research laboratory.

Own accredited research laboratory (accreditation certificate # ROCC.RU 001.21 NT 47) caries out strict control of product quality at each production stage. The laboratory is equipped with present-day analytical equipment including benches for corrosive effect on metals test (GOST 28084) and dual-profile circulation bench for antifreezes cavitation corrosion determination (ASTM D 2570).

The enterprise has high production standards that are conformed by various conformance certificates:

  • Quality management system corresponds to international standards requirements IS 9001:2008 as well as requirement for quality system in automobile industry - ISO/TS 16949:2002;
  • Environmental management system corresponds to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004;
  • Occupational safety and health management systems – ILO-OSH 2001 Standard.

  • High quality of antifreezes SINTEC is also confirmed by numerous victories in the tests of leading automobile magazines «At the wheel», "Avtoreview" and others.

    Obninskorgsintez Company produces coolants of all the types:
  • Traditional (mineral with silicates);
  • Hybrid (with organic and nonorganic additives);
  • Produced by technology OAT (Organic Acid Technology) the technology of organic acids (so called “carboxylated”);
  • The newer lobrid antifreeze (bipolar production technology OAT with addition of silicates).

  • All the coolants SINTEC have a complete list of properties by which high-quality antifreezes are characterized:
  • High heat capacity and thermal conductance (effective heat removal);
  • Low chilling points (safe operation of the car almost at any subzero temperatures of the air);
  • High boiling point and evaporation heat (normal engine operation in the summer);
  • High fire point (fire safety at operation);
  • Low viscosity, especially at low temperatures (high one hinders circulation and reduces heat transfer);
  • Low foaming properties (at large one heat transfer is reduced, engine overheating and vapor or air locks formation is possible);
  • Low corrosiveness (this indicator is one of the most decisive at assessing of coolant properties);
  • Non-reactivity with rubber hoses, sealants and polymers;
  • Does not form deposits in the cooling system;
  • Maintain physical and mechanical properties at operating and storage;
  • Is hazardous for human health and environment.

  • Antifreezes "UNIVERSAL", "EURO", "ULTRA" G11

    Sintec_Universal_5l_11.jpg Sintec_Euro_5l_1.jpgSintec Ultra 5 1.jpg

    Coolants "UNIVERSAL", "EURO", "ULTRA", "GOLD" G12 are improved silicate antifreezes (Mineral coolants), that do not contain nitrites and amines in their formulations, which can form carcinogens at interreaction. These antifreezes are compatible with all high-quality silicate coolants. In accordance with the requirements of vehicles manufacturing plants coolants of such type must ensure 30 000 to 60 000 km of haulage. However due to the use of the newer package of additives that has high resistance to oxidation when in contact with different metals, we managed to increase the run life of silicate antifreezes SINTEC up to 100 000 120 000 km.

    The color of the liquids:
    • "UNIVERSAL" - blue;
    "EURO" -green;
    "ULTRA" - red;

    Antifreeze "LUX" G12 and "GOLD" G12

    lux_em.jpg Sintec_Gold_G12.png

    "LUX" G12 and "GOLD" G12 are a fullycarboxylated coolantsproduced by organic acids technology (OAT). OAT-antifreeze does not contain amines, nitrites, borates, phosphates and silicates in its formulation. It has the approval of the automobile plant "AvtoVAZ", "KAMAZ" and several other automakers. The service life of fluids of this type ensures up to 250,000 kilometers of haulage. Antifreeze protects against electrochemical corrosion and cavitation. Compatible with all major brands of rubber and polymer materials. "LUX" is fully consistent with the classification VW TL 774-D Type G12.

    The color of the liquid:
  • "LUX" - red-orange
  • "GOLD" - yellow

  • Antifreeze "PREMIUM" G12+


    Antifreeze "PREMIUM" G12+ present-day carboxylated antifreeze with extended operation life, produced by organic acids technology (OAT). Produced with a synergetic composition of salts of carboxylic acids with additional input of copper corrosion inhibitors. It is notable for its high coefficient of heat transfer, as it does not cover the entire surface with the protective layer, but forms a very thin protective film only in the field of early corrosion. It provides balanced protection of the cooling system under extreme temperature conditions. It is absolutely non-hazardous for foreign and domestic cars, as it does not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, and silicates. It does not contain additives deposited on the walls of the cooling system cavity, thereby providing channel capacity of the radiator and maintaining the necessary heat. Almost not-destroying organic corrosion inhibitors are used in this coolant. It has tolerance-approvals of Volkswagen, MAN, AvtoVAZ, and other automakers. Antifreeze "PREMIUM" is recommended for all major types of iron and aluminum engines and is designed for 250 000 kilometers of haulage. "PREMIUM" S12 + is fully consistent with the classification of VW TL 774-D / F Type G12 +. In terms of its performance properties the antifreeze is significantly superior to conventional antifreeze and similar fluids.

    The color of the liquid is crimson.

    Antifreeze "UNLIMITED" G12++


    "UNLIMITED" G12++ is the only lobrid coolant manufactured in Russia, produced according to the latest Bipolar technology that combines the advantages of both carboxylate and mineral technology. Inhibitors of a new generation form ultra-thin protective film on the surface of the material of the cooling system and are spent only in case of corrosion centers appearance. Therefore, they can be called a non-consumable corrosion inhibitors. Coolant "UNLIMITED" G12++ contains organic acids and silicates in its composition. Silicates are spent on the formation of protective corrosion films and carbon component protect only those places where corrosion can occur, during the whole operating life of the engine. High long-acting inhibitors provide balanced protection under extreme conditions.
    Antifreeze eliminates the possible causes of leaking of the radiator, blinding of thermostat and water pump failure. The principal difference of the coolant from all existing fluids is unlimited service life (when filling into a new engine). Antifreeze "UNLIMITED" G12++ has the approval of Volkswagen VW TL 774-G Type G12++. It is designed for all major types of engines. Allowed to mix with mineral silicates-containing coolants such as G11 and carboxylate coolants such as G12 and G12+.

    The color of the liquid is purple.

    The choice of coolants pros and cons of antifreezes

    Antifreezes "UNIVERSAL", "EURO", "ULTRA" G11


        Minimum price;
        Extended operation life (2-3 times more in comparison with other mineral coolants);
        Maximum protection from all types of corrosions;
        High boiling point combined with low pour point;
        Minimum foaming (protects from air locks formation);
        Increased protection from cavitation;

        Limited service life - 100 000 km of haulage ( however this indicator is three times higher than analogue antifreezes of this type have, and exceeds the requirements of vehicle production plants in 2-3- times).

    Antifreezes "LUX" G12, "GOLD" G12 "PREMIUM" G12+


        Optimal quality-price ratio;
        Advanced organic acids technology allows to use it in all advanced types of engines, especially aluminum;
        Extended operation life up to 250 000 kilometers of haulage;
        Maximum protection from all types of corrosions;
        High boiling point combined with low pour point
        Minimum foaming protects from air locks formation;
        Good protection from cavitation;

        The price is above average.

    Antifreeze "UNLIMITED" G12++


        advanced bipolar technology of combining organic corrosion inhibitors and silicates;
        mixed with all high-quality coolants in any ratio;
        unlimited service life ( when filled into a new engine);
        elevated boiling point and increased thermal conductance allow the engine keep optimal thermal regime;
        the highest protection from electrochemical, cavitating, pitting and chemical corrosion.

        A higher price.

    Since 2012 Obninskorgsintez Company has made a re-branding of the entire line of antifreezes "SINTEC". In the place of the old designation of antifreeze types S11 and S12 a new - G11 and G12 has come. All antifreeze "SINTEC G12 ", "SINTEC G12+ " and "SINTEC G12++ " have the approval of Volkswagen plant and fully comply with the specifications of TL 774-D Type G12, TL 774-F Type G12+ and TL 774-G Type G12++, respectively. In addition, anti-freeze "UNLIMITED" G12++ is used for the first fill in Russian plant of Volkswagen.

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